Hunter has bizarre story about recovering his buck and the number ’14’
By angelamontana

Posted: February 7, 2023

How do you choose a favorite number?  We have a story for you that might even make you want to choose 14 as your lucky number just based off of a hunter’s crazy experience.

Listen to this quick story about a 14-year-old shooting the biggest buck of his life to date that was stolen from the taxidermist 14 years ago.  The buck just happens to be a 14-point and was recovered because of a tip from a 14-year-old 14 years later! Crazy….


@whitetailobsession Insane story about my giant 185 inch buck that was stolen from the taxidermist! #deer #hunting #bucks #taxidermist #taxidermy #theft #bigbucks #buck #whitetail #wildlife #taxidermylife #whitetailobsessionoutdoors ♬ original sound – Dave Richmond

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