By Montana Grant

Posted: February 12, 2023

Longer rods have more leverage than short rods! Archimedes proved this Scientific fact. “I could lift the world with a big enough lever!” Longer levers can lift more, cast further, wear fish out faster, and set the hook quicker. These are all things that fishermen want. Its just simple Physics!

A fishing rod is a simple tool called a Lever. The fulcrum, or balance point is just forward of the handle and reel. The Fulcrum is just like the spot on a see saw, where a balance point, for both see sawyers, can happen.

So why do Ice fishermen use such short rods? If you fish in a small shanty, there is no room for a long rod. I guess short- visioned anglers like seeing a bite up close. Beyond this, a longer rod is a better ice fishing choice. They keep you away from the hole, set the hook quickly, and allow you to tackle big fish better.

Rod Length is Critical to fishing and catching success. The simple Physics of a longer rod are undeniable. The rods action will compensate for specific needs. A stiffer faster action rod will cast further. A light action, or ultra-lite will show more sensitive bites. Different species of fish live in different locations and require different tackle.

Lighter action rods are more fun but require a better-quality reel with a great drag to compensate for a lighter or shorter lever. Fishing shallow and catching smaller fish makes a smaller rod more fun. Remember that using a lighter rod means using lighter line. It takes longer to land and fight a fish on shorter, lighter rods and easily breakable line. If you plan on returning a fish, light/ short levers are not the best choice.

Heavy stiff rods are better for trolling or deeper fishing. Archimedes could hoist a huge fish with a longer, stiffer rod/lever. Even a big fish will play out faster against a less flexible and longer lever/rod.

This is probably why fishermen need so many different rods. Make a Scientific argument to your spouse next time they ask why you need another fishing rod, and a different reel and line to work it.

Size matters!

Montana Grant

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