NEW Montana Outdoor Podcast: Valentines & Love in the Outdoors
By angelamontana

Posted: February 11, 2023

A New Montana Outdoor Podcast Just Dropped This Morning! Click to Listen to:

Valentines & Love in the Outdoors

On this episode of The Montana Outdoor Podcast, we get into the spirit of Valentine’s week by meeting up with Beckie and Don Wilkins, a couple that truly loves each other and Montana’s outdoors. What a fun time we had with these two. They are based out of Glasgow, MT, and both drive for UPS in northeast Montana. When you don’t see them out on their routes delivering packages, chances are you will see them out fishing or hunting together.

Beckie and Don were kind enough to share some advice about fishing on Fort Peck for Lake Trout and King Salmon as well as how to use the love of Montana’s Outdoors to keep a marriage happy and full of life. They also shared a great story about their first date together over 9 years ago out on a riverbank fishing for Catfish. Are you wondering which one is the better fisherman? Well, you will have to listen to find that one out. You will also learn the valuable secret to a successful marriage! Spoiler Alert: A couple that plays together, in the outdoors, stays together! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

We would love to hear what you think of this podcast as well as any suggestions you may have for topics for future podcasts. Just click here to email Downrigger Dale. You can also use that email address to ask this week’s guests, Beckie and Don Wilkins, any questions you may have. Downrigger will be happy to get your questions answered by Beckie & Don.


New Podcast!

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