By Montana Grant

Posted: February 2, 2023

Snakes freak many of us out. It may be because of the snake that encouraged Adam to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden, or just because they are so yeechy and unique.

What is your nastiest Snake Encounter? Years ago, I was jogging through the woods. It was Summer, so I was wearing shorts and light running shoes. The trail was plenty wide, and I thought I saw a long stick lying across the trail. Instead of avoiding it, I stepped right onto it. You immediately know when you step on a snake! I tripped, hit the ground, rolled, and was up in a flash. The 6 foot long Black Snake was coiled and angry after being stepped on.

I do not like snakes but can deal with them. If I encounter a snake, I can safely catch them or move them out of the way. I have treated snake bite victims and dogs. Knowledge is power and I understand snakes.

Like them or not, snakes have an important role in our ecosystem. Snakes eat rodents, insects, and each other. Bull snakes eat rattlesnake’s whole! Many other snake species do humans a favor by feasting on other things we don’t like. Everything in an ecosystem eats something else until an invasive critter arrives.

My grandson and I love to watch Serpent Invasion Starring the Swamp People. Mr. Troy, Pickle, and their friends hunt for huge pythons that do not belong in the Everglades. Nothing eats the pythons, but pythons eat everything. The state of Florida placed a bounty on the invasives and there are big pay days for those willing to catch and carry these monsters out of the swamps! Needless to say, we may be having some snaky dreams after watching the show.

It’s important for kids and people to know what to do around snakes. They can show up anytime and can cause harm and injury to people and pets. Knowing how to avoid or deal with them is important. Some snakes are venomous, and some are just mean. You need to know the difference. If you get bitten, you need to know what to do before the venom becomes a problem. Most snake bites will not kill a human but can kill a pet or child.

Slither, SSSS, and constrict!

Montana Grant

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