By Montana Grant

Posted: March 12, 2023

Corn Dogs are a popular treat, but Corn Holes may be even better! A traditional Corn Dog is a cornbread batter coating a hot dog on a stick, that is deep fried. Eating a Corn Dog requires just one hand and a napkin. 

Like other finger food, Corn Dogs are easy to eat. You can also prepare a special Corn Dog sauce. Ketchup is often the first choice but Ranch dressing, nacho cheese, and many other sauces can be used.

At Hunting or Fishing camp, Corn Dogs or Holes can be easy to make and serve, with minimal cleanup. If they are made ahead of time, the tasty doggie treats just need to be heated up.

Corn Holes are basically the same as the Dogs, but without the sticks. The Dogs are also cut into 1 inch or so lengths, that are placed into corn bread. This means that you can make Corn Holes as a cupcake with a meaty surprise, called a Corn Hole.

There is no special recipe to make a Corn Hole. Try using the preboxed corn muffin mix. Follow the directions on the box, to make the batter. Cut up a bunch of meat Stix, hot dogs, or sausages. They will be placed in muffin cups. You can also make a corn bread dish and simply distribute the dogs around so each served square will have a meaty surprise.

Some cooks do enjoy kicking their cornbread up a notch, by adding jalapenos or other ingredients. Wild game sausages are especially good in these Corn meal blankets.

When hunters and anglers get hungry, you better be prepared. These dogs or holes are the perfect appetizer. While they feast on these, the cook can finish dinner preparations.

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