By Montana Grant

Posted: March 12, 2023

Morel mushrooms are a delicacy. Hunting Morels takes time, energy, and luck. There is also plenty of competition to locate these tasty treats.

Wouldn’t it be nice to grow your own Morels? This dream has been a challenge for many years until now. Creating a Morel Motel is within reach. Even with some direction, Morels will require some trial and error. Everyone’s perfect motel site will be slightly different. Scientists and gardeners are still confused about what conditions are the best for Morels.

One way to create a grown at home mushroom farm is using a Grow Kit. These are available online. They come in different sizes and with different components. These kits contain the material called “spawn”, which is the layer of material that Morels have grown in. Spores will also be in the kit. You will need to create the Morel Motel, or habitat yourself.

Usually, this Motel will be 4×4 feet in size. Use non-treated wood to build the frame. A shady area is best, where it can be moist and cool. Lay cardboard or newspaper in the bottom and cover with a peat moss and garden soil mixture.

One of the best places to search for wild morels is in areas of forest fires. Transport some ash to the motel. I have also used fireplace ash.

Once the Motel is ready, crumble and spread the Morel material that the kit provides, evenly across your Morel Motel. Hardwood wood chips can now be distributed on top. It’s a good idea to fence in the area to keep critters out. Chicken wire or other fabric can be curved overtop. Use nails to hold the ends of small pvc pipe, that can be bent to the other side. Attach the wire on top and on the sides.

Don’t be in a hurry. Like asparagus, it takes years to create a viable garden. Allow the first and even the second crops to cycle through the motel. Start harvesting in the third year. Sacrificing a few wild morels into the motel is also a good idea. You may also want to build a few Motels in different areas to see which ones are the most successful. Once you get the formula down, you will have an annual harvest for years after.

Enjoy some Motel Magic!

Montana Grant

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