By Montana Grant

Posted: April 22, 2023

Times have certainly changed in America. It’s become hard to know when to hold a door, take off your hat, and display proper manners. The wokesters have damaged what it means to be a Gentleman. Most real Men still rely on what their Momma taught them.

It’s called ladies first. This means that we hold doors, display polite behavior, and watch our language. It also means that when you take a lady fishing or hunting, the first fish or shot goes to the lady!

My buddy Eric Wilcox understands this perfectly. After a lifetime of catching fish, tagging critters, and guiding folks, Eric gets greater joy out of hooking up with others. A real Master sportsman is a Master Teacher.

Eric took his wife Lacy out for some Spring Turkey hunting. This meant several days of scouting and knocking on doors to get permission on some promising private land. After this investment of time together, Eric got the gear ready. Lack needed to sight in her gun, practice some calling, and organize her gear. Lacy takes pride in a job well done and showing off what she has learned.

When the sun rose, the hunting team were on site and ready for the hunt. How many couples ever watch a sunrise together? Lacy helped to place the decoys at 20 yards. The gobbler decoy was facing their position. Camouflage was adjusted and prepared. The first shot would be Laci’s.

A few tree calls woke up the gobbler. Several kee kee runs and a cackle got the Gobbler charged up. He had his eyes affixed to the decoys. Lacy was gun ready as the huge gobbler waddled into range. The bird stopped, puffed its chest, vroom, vroom, and spread his tail. Next, he let out a loud, raspy gobble. The decoys and Eric’s calling were working as planned.

It took 30 minutes of excitement for the bird to get into range. The gobbler faced the male decoy. This meant that he would not see Lacy switch off the safety and take careful aim. Boom!

This huge gobbler was down and tagged. Teamwork had made the dream work!

Ladies First! Thank you, Mam!

Montana Grant

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