Mud season is here on Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: April 13, 2023
Good afternoon, Montanans (and visitors!) and welcome to mud season! Roads and trails on the B-D are a sloppy, soupy, mess and they will be until nighttime temps rise.
Far beneath the surface the soil is still frozen. Moisture from melting snow can’t be fully absorbed as it is later in the season. This pattern contributes to spring flooding and the associated hazards as well as erosion, falling rock, and thick mud.
Forest visitors should be prepared for slick, and varied conditions on FS roads. Remember, forest roads are not maintained for heavy traffic, however our roads crew of 9 works hard to keep them in operable condition. Please don’t hesitate to contact a District Office if you come across any safety or road hazards due to the spring melt.
It is wise to carry a shovel in your vehicle just in case you need to dig out of a sticky situation; strategic rock placement can also help when the tires are spinning. As always, avoid any off-road motor vehicle use. Moist soil conditions can lead to compaction and rutting which in turn hamper nutrient uptake. A little dirt never hurt but might require additional planning. So, head on out there and enjoy springtime forest activities just don’t forget to leave your boots at the door.
Guest Writer: Mandalyn Child, Resource Assistant, BDNF
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