Seasonal Shooting Restrictions to go into Place on State Trust Lands in Gallatin County
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: April 5, 2023
HELENA, Mont. — A seasonal firearm restriction on a parcel of State Trust Land in Gallatin County will go into effect on April 15 and be in place through June 30 during the grazing season to allow for active grazing, fence repair, and general lease management activities.
Under the temporary restriction, all recreational firearm use on State Trust Land, Section 2 of Township 1 North, Range 2 East is prohibited.
“We all have a responsibility to care for State Trust Land – it is a vital component of Montana’s farming, ranching, forest products, and energy industries,” said Kara Huyser, Bozeman Unit Manager for the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. “Trust Lands are working lands that generate revenue to support the funding of K-12 schools and other state institutions. When the revenue generating ability of the land is impeded by the actions of a few, the ramifications are felt by all Montanans.”
The ongoing misuse of State Trust Land associated with recreational shooting – including public safety concerns, shooting debris left on site, and damage to private property – prompted the Department to implement the restriction to allow the surface lessee to utilize their lease while maintaining access for dispersed recreational activities.
This marks the second of two seasonal restrictions on the parcel. The first restriction was in place in November of 2022 to allow the lessee to safely access the property to repair fence, a water well, and solar panels and conduct lease evaluation.
“The situation on the ground here has become unsafe, the land is degraded, and the lessees is unable to use the land according to the terms of the lease, so it is important for the Department to take action.” said Huyser.
Negligent firearm use that creates an immediate threat to public safety, livestock, or private property should be reported to the local sheriff’s office by calling 9-1-1. Other recreational use violations or misuse of State Trust Lands should be reported by calling 1-800 TIP-MONT (1-800-847-6668) or submitted online at
An interactive map of recreational use closures and restrictions can be found at
About State Trust Lands: The Trust Lands Management Division of the Department 5.2 million acres of state trust land. Through programs including sustainable forestry, agriculture, grazing, and energy leasing, the land generates millions of dollars annually for K-12 public education, including school facilities and classroom technology. Montana’s Trust Lands are a vital component of local economies and provide recreation opportunities for hunters, anglers, hikers, and horseback riders.
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