By Montana Grant

Posted: April 2, 2023

Many friends and fishing acquaintances have Trout Tats! Arms, legs, necks, wrists, and private parts. To each their own. You really must love trout to have them tatted for life onto your body. Many Tatters get entire shoulders and sleeves of tats down their arms. If they run out of trout tat ideas, antlers and other images show up.

Montana Grant is tattless. My leathery and scared skin is still virgin tat space. Some family and friends bug me to get tatted. I do love trout and would probably go that route. My favorite trout is a Brook Trout so a Brookie would be my first choice.

A tat trout would be nice, but would it need to include a background, mountains, water, and scenery? Tattoos can tell a story. Maybe I would have my trout spotted drift boat printed on my skin. Should I get just a black outlined Tat or go with something colorful. Should I get a white or black inked tattoo? I am confused why light skinned folks get white inked tats and dark-skinned folks get black inked tats.

Back in the day, I always joked about getting a Trouser Trout Tat on my belly. My navel could be the eyeball. My belly could embrace a huge trout mouth rising from my shorts, taking a salmonfly. How cool? My kids thought that would be too much and maybe in poor taste, especially as my belly continues to grow. That would be one dandy, fat fish!

As far as a private area trout tat, maybe at the base of my back that says, “And a River Runs Through it! “I have seen a bunch of guys tat rulers on their inner legs and thighs. I am not sure how accurate this ruler would be. A nice mayfly on the side of my neck would be pretty, but I would probably get slapped a lot.

As a Marylander, Steamed crabs and Natty Boh beer are classic, cool tat ideas. A Fat Buffalo with a trout detailed inside would show a Montana connection. Maybe the Montana Grant state Sign would be a fun choice.

If you got trout spots along your arms or legs, you may look like you have some terrible disease. What happens to these Tats as we age? What will that beautiful trout tat look like as your skin gets old and wrinkly? With the perfectly shaped and detailed trout, turn into a fat bottom feeder? Not everyone appreciates a trout tat. Maybe stick to a sexy mermaid or something family friendly.

You better be sure before you get your Trout Tat for life. For now, I think I will celebrate my wonderful, natural skin, clean and pure like the environment that trout live in.

Tattless and Proud!

Montana Grant

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