MT Outdoor Podcast: Big Bucks with Big Fish for the Big Winners! How Did They Do It?
By angelamontana

Posted: May 27, 2023

Matt Fischer and Ty Hinderager have been fishing in tournaments together for 15 years and have done well competing together, but they never had a tournament weekend like they did last week! These two entered the Crooked Creek Walleye Fishing Tournament on Fort Peck Lake in Montana and set a new record for the most weight ever caught in a two-day Walleye Tournament in Montana! You aren’t going to believe the total weight of the 10 walleye they caught. Click here and give the podcast a listen and find out what it was!

Matt and Ty took home well over $17,000 when it was all said and done last weekend and Downrigger Dale and the Captain caught up with them and had a great conversation. The two champs talked about their strategies for pre-fishing the tournament as well as for day one and day two of the tournament. VERY interesting stuff! They also talked about fishing electronics and the role they play in their success as well as how these two fishermen work together no matter who is having a great day or who is having a rough one.  Whether you want to learn how to do better fishing in tournaments or just how to not only catch more fish but also bigger ones, then this podcast is for you! Plus you just might be surprised with some of Ty and Matt’s answers to some of The Captain and Downrigger’s questions!

If you have any questions for Matt or Ty just click here to email Downrigger Dale and he will get you the answers from Matt and Ty. For a listing of upcoming fishing tournaments in Montana just click here and again, make sure you click here now and listen to this fascinating podcast!

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