By Montana Grant

Posted: May 27, 2023

Pictures of trout and other fish in nets are on the rise. Many Catch and Release fishermen want a picture record of their catch. Several net shots are often in the same post or video. Every and all trout needs to say cheese as they have their picture taken in the bottom of the net.

The good news is that anglers are using nets. The nets have also changed to better Catch and Release style ones. The plastic/rubber coated nets do not wipe the mucous off the fish’s sides, which can promote diseases and ultimately kill them. Using a net also helps to prevent dropping the fish in the gravel, grass, or dirt.

Back in the day, only special fish would get the picture treatment. Film and development were expensive, and cameras required 2 hands and an eye port to take a shot. Fish on stringers, in coolers, or with broken necks could be photographed later.

Proper Catch and Release means that the clock is running after you hook up. The fight and release are best if done under 5 minutes. After that the lactic acid in the fish will build up in their muscle and cause mortality, even if they swim away. A wet, rubber/vinyl net does less harm to the fish. Keeping the fish in the net means less squeezing and flopping for the fish. Experienced fishermen may never touch the fish at all. They use forceps for hook removal and make a fast, wet release. The net keeps the fish under control, and allow the fisherman to submerge the fish, and resuscitate them before letting them swim off.

Cell phones and Go Pro cameras have made picture and video taking way easier. With a push of the button, you can have a focused, and decent picture, that can be improved on your home computers enhancement app. Now you can post and share a record of your catches. Just don’t drop the phone into the water.

Veteran anglers have caught a lifetime of great fish. We have boxes full of prints and VCR videos. After a while, they all look the same. It is probably an evolutionary thing. Eventually you don’t need to have a picture of every fish you catch. We tend to remember every fish we catch longer than most things on our minds.

Just a few will do.

Montana Grant

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