By Montana Grant

Posted: May 7, 2023

Finding that specific fishing hot spot is just half of the battle. Remembering where it is another problem.

Oh sure, modern technology can get you close but sometime the structure is small and hard to pinpoint. If you are not right on the spot, you may not be on the bite.

We all have been fishing on a head boat or anchored boat, where the back left corner is hammering the fish, while everyone else is getting skunked. The rock, lump, depression, or structure is small but loaded with fish. There may be an underwater spring or geothermal spot. You need to get an exact mark if you plan on returning.

On one remote trip, this was the case. Our older fish finder would not get us back to the exact position. It showed depth and water temperature. Occasionally, it would mark a fish. When we loaded a waypoint, we were only within 10-20 yards of the spot.

 Instead, we needed to make an old school fish finder. Since we were not near any tackle shops, it was time to fish smarter. In the boat was an old Styrofoam cooler that someone tried to sit on. The cooler was trashed but the foam would make a great marker. I took the lid and cut it into an H shaped float. It was about 12 inches long and 8 inches wide. I used some old cord and tied it on a heavy bolt. Before we left, I dropped the bolt exactly on the spot and let the line unwind. X marks the spot!

We fished that Honey Hole all week long, and found several others, that we all marked them the same way.

You can buy commercially made buoys and markers, but in the past, we have used water bottles, balloons, big bobbers, logs or whatever was available.

Be sure to retrieve any trash floats when the trip is over.

Montana Grant

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