Flathead Area Fishing Report by the Macman 6.28.23
By angelamontana

Posted: June 29, 2023


River fishable.  Moiese slough, buffalo rapids catching trout and smallies. Great places to fly fish. 

Sloans to little Bitterroot River for Pike just before the little Bitterroot before you hit the other side of it there are Brown Trout.

Bass in just about any rocky areas including off docks, Narrows area  40 to 60 feet Lake Trout.

west side of Polson Bay, Big arm and Elmo points. 

Pablo Reservoir   Perch, bullheads, crappie and large mouth bass. 

West side of Melita Island, either side of the channel in 40 feet of water, catch lake trout using silver spoons in this case. 

City docks=  9-12 Feet. water warm; catch perch, small mouth bass, pike and some bait fish.  Use a bottom weight with two hooks, fuzz bugs with a nightcrawler for perch 

Kicking Horse=  Tournament here this week. Large mouth bass are aggressive  so good fishing there.  Also, pike.   

Shore fishing = West end of the bridge upstream for small mouth and a possible cutthroat. 

Elmo docks= throw spinners off Elmo docks, perch setups also.

Lake Mary Ronan= Salmon and perch. 

West of Finley Point=trolling and jigging, catching Lake Trout using a whole fish 40 to 60 feet. 

West of Melita Island = either side of the channel in 40 feet of water for lake trout using silver Silver spoons in this case. 

Mission Reservoir = brook trout, catch and release cut throat and rainbow. 

Crow Creek= cut throat, (catch and release) and brook trout. 

Ninepipe= Bass 


Fishing access added on 6/28

South side of Elmo Bay Boat Ramp.  Perch but they are small. Lake trout 

Big Arm   Lake Trout 40 to 60 feet 

East side of Polson Bay are Perch in 5 to 12 Feet of Water. 

NEW   North east of Bird Island 180-to230 feet Lake Trout 

Use sensitive Rods   Ugly Stick elites ultra light and light  and braided line.  Monofilament stretches does not jig well.  Use a few turns of monofilament before you put braided line onto your reel as the braided line is so slippery without the “anchor” it will sprong off your reel. 

Good fishing

The Macman

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