Georgetown Lake Fishing Report via Blackfoot River Outfitters 6.8.23
By angelamontana

Posted: June 13, 2023

BRO gives Georgetown Lake a 5/5 for fishability!


1. Try a black balance leech with a zebra midge dropper. Try to run about 4′ to the first fly under the indicator.
2. Try a streamer.
3. Cover water. Where we are having the most luck, in slightly deeper water, it can be difficult to sight-fish with changing water color conditions during runoff. Cover all the portions of the water column high to low, and as far as you can around you. Be methodical and you’ll catch fish!


Georgetown Lake is open for the year and fishing has been excellent. Stuart Mill Bay and a portion of the rest of the SE shoreline is closed until July 1. Check FWP Fishing Regulations for the exact description.

While you will find fish in shallow water, this time of year we like to target the fish that are in deeper water. The fish in the shallow water are likely trying to spawn during this time of year and can be a little difficult to get to eat. You will find more success with the fish that haven’t spawned yet or the fish that are done spawning.

Callibaetis have begun hatching so be prepared to toss a dry fly if fish start eating on top.


Double nymph indicator rig and streamers.

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