Man befriends smallmouth bass and carries on friendship with summer visits
By angelamontana

Posted: June 20, 2023

Rex Colubra, a 40 year-old Wisconsin man befriended a freshwater smallmouth bass, which he named Elvis, while diving back in the late summer of 2021.

Apparently, the two created a bond and even connect in person (and in fish?) every summer in the same place.  Yes, really.

The man and the fish now reportedly “see” each other each year when Colubra travels to the lake where Elvis the fish lives.

A print-shop worker and animal enclosure maker, Colubra says his “friend” gets jealous if other fish get too close to him.

“I even taught him a call,” said Colubra. “I will do a gulping grunt sound with my throat and he’ll come find me.”

Who knows–There might be less drama visiting and being friends with a fish every summer rather than an actual person, even though Colubra did say Elvis gets jealous at times.

Read the full article by Deirdre Reilly via Fox News here.

Feature photo: SWNS



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