By Montana Grant

Posted: June 25, 2023

Everyone has a little cowboy or cowgirl spirit. Humans are Hunters and Gatherers. Our pioneer spirit continues to bring folks to western states. Once here, kids will need names that fit in with the wild west spirit.

Our names define how we will be known throughout life. A common name will not be distinctive or unique. My name is “Grant”. My mother was a Civil War historian and admired the General. After decades of teaching and working with kids, I never taught a Grant. I have only met a few Grants in Montana.

My writing moniker has become Montana Grant even though I am from Maryland. My classroom back east always displayed a Montana state flag on the wall. Every summer I would travel west to vacation, guide, or visit. After a while the kids used Montana as my respectful nickname. “Mr. Montana” gave me a character and was unique in the schools where I worked. The cowboy hat added to the look. After moving to Montana a few decades ago, the name has stuck.

Most of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show has a special western moniker. The Captain, Angela Montana, Kamp cook, Moose track Megan and other favorites. Each name relates to a special quality or theme.

It’s important for new parents to come up with unique names that will help their kids be known and live up to throughout their lives. You need to watch out for some common dog names. If you live in Bozeman and call for a Bridger, Rocky, Madison, or Buck, you will be stampeded by herds of dogs with these names.

Looking at our great western heroes may lead you to a better choice. Some of these characters’ names come with a wild west reputation. Know the history before you select these names. You may not want to name your kid after a famous Saloon Girl or Bandit.

Other western names inspire honesty, bravery, and positive values. Other names were given based on jobs. Names reflect the work or job of the person. Cooks, soldiers, hunters, trappers, carpenters, police, or educators often had names that referenced their work.

Here are some currently popular Cowboy/Montana names that may help you pick a trail for your new western partner.

BOYS    Boone, Walker, Flint, Clyde, Chester, Silas, Montana, Shane, Colt, Isaiah, Wheeler, Maverick

GIRLS    Quinn, Aspen, Hazel, Stella, Brandi, Mackenzie, Wilma, Brooke, Dallas, Oakley, River, and Annie.

Select a name for your future Cowboy/Cowgirl that will set them apart from others. Montana kids need to be more special and unique than ever. The future is changing and will require rough, tough, and compassionate citizens. Take some time to explore something special for your next Cowboy or Cowgirl.

Montana Grant

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