MT Outdoor Podcast: MT Bears are Moving in on Homeless Camps in Some Cities!
By angelamontana

Posted: June 3, 2023

Montana Bears are Moving in on Homeless Camps in Some Cities! Cities Say This is NOT What They Had in Mind to Deal With the Homeless Issue!

In this week’s edition of the Montana Outdoor Podcast, Downrigger Dale talks with Montana FWP Bear Specialist Jamie Jonkel about problem bears and how to deal with them. Jonkel talks about how Bears can cause some serious problems if they start looking for, and find, easy food sources in Western Montana neighborhoods, like garbage, bird feeders, pet food and, well, you name it. As you can imagine this can get very dangerous. The number of reports of problem bears have been growing in Missoula, Kalispell, Whitefish and other cities. Rigger and Jamie even talk bears that enter homeless camps along the rivers and even entering tents! This has become a VERY big problem in several cities. 

When you listen to this podcast you will hear some of the usual things like: Are you Bear Aware? Do you know how to Bear-Proof your property? What are the main things that attract bears? BUT you will also hear some things that are, well, weird, like: Bears can become addicted to bird seed?! Did you know that fresh cut grass can attract bears? Bears view chickens as garbage cans with wings! Oh, and what about the story of the couple that was moving into their new house and found that a bear had already moved in?! Did a bear really come into a home and help himself to the homeowner’s lunch that they had just set out?! You have got to listen to this one folks!! Click here to listen now

After you listen to the podcast. If you want more information on, how to deal with bears on your property, how to keep your livestock safe, guidelines for landowners and much more, you can find helpful links including email addresses for Bear Specialists in your area by clicking here. Do you even know how to use bear spray? Click here to watch a great video! Did you know that the right electric fence can be a great tool to deter bears? Click here to learn how to set one up to protect your property. This takes you to a great guide and on the last page even has info on how to get financial help for fencing. Here is another link for assistance with bear fencing.

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