By Montana Grant

Posted: July 20, 2023

This is the time of year when Big Sky Country Shines. The rain slows, the warmer temperature means comfortable weather. The forests smell of pine, the air feels healthy and clean.

Summer tourists get the best of what Montana offers. They assume that this is what Big Sky Country is like year around.

 The long days are especially nice. Fishermen get to match the hatch until 10 at night, or later. Sitting around the campfire or backyards is wonderful in the long, cool, evenings. Don’t forget the suntan lotion!

Montanan’s get to put away their jeans and Carhartt’s and put on shorts. Our fish belly white legs, and skin, needs to get some sun and healthy vitamin D.

Fishermen get to wet wade during the day. You can put on a pair of shorts or an old pair of jeans. Some wading pants are designed to get wet and dry fast. Put on a pair of wet wading neoprene socks and tie on your sturdy wading boots. These boots have cleats or Vibram soles designed for Action Traction. You can navigate the cool rivers comfortably and well balanced.

Hiking and horseback riding are the best in Montana. There is nothing like cresting a ridge and seeing a special vista. Horses love it too. 4 wheeling, boating, canoeing, rafting, and biking are also great summer sports. Just be prepared for the bears, mountain lions, snakes, and wolves.

Wildlife is fat and happy. Everywhere you go the critters are out and enjoying the summer buffet. Many birds and other critters have also migrated to Montana for the bountiful season. Hiking trails offer beautiful destinations and adventure.

Even when you find crowds, they are smaller than what tourists experience in their home cities and places. Montanans are generally friendly and helpful. Folks in remote places are often happy to see ya.

The National Parks of Montana are amazing. Glacier and Yellowstone are one of a kind. These places need to be seen by every citizen. The magic of nature is on full display. Don’t forget the bug spray!

Enjoy your travels through this special part of America. The gift of summer will not last all year. Our winters are frigid, and days are short. The contrast in our seasons is dramatic. What you get to celebrate in summer will be gone by Thanksgiving. Winter will hold on until June.

If long winters are not your cup of tea, don’t move here. You will be miserable.

Be respectful of Big Sky Country while you are here.

Montana Grant

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