“Insane Horse Wreck” leaves horses with bumps and bruises
By angelamontana

Posted: August 23, 2023

A pack horse in training “flipped out” and took two horses with it 80 feet down the mountain.

What an insane horse wreck! The horse in training flipped out as we tried to skirt up and around a washout in the trail and ended up taking out these two others as they tumbled head over hoof 80 feet down the mountain. My jaw dropped as I watched the chaos unfold.

Of course the horse that caused the problem landed at the bottom uninjured and immediately started eating grass. 🙄. The other two took @collincadecole and I hours to get unstuck, down the mountain, and on their feet. Miraculously they all came out ok with just some bumps and bruises!! I’m still in shock they are alive and ok 🙏. The white one on the root ball was saved from being skewered only by the corner of her saddle blanket that had rolled under her belly during the fall.

Anyway, everyone made it back on the trail after some hard work and all is well! I can confirm, Cade is the real deal cowboy 😆.


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