FWP News: Mountain Lion spotted in Lockwood
By angelamontana

Posted: August 26, 2023
FWP received a report of a mountain lion in Lockwood on the afternoon of Tuesday, Aug. 22. At this time, no action has been taken by FWP.
Montana is home to diverse and incredible wildlife species, and mountain lions are not uncommon in the Billings area.
FWP prioritizes public safety, but just the presence of a wild animal does not warrant immediate action by FWP.
Attacks by mountain lions are rare. Some important safety tips to follow:
–Never approach a mountain lion. Most lions will try to avoid a confrontation as long as you give them a way to escape.
–Do not run from a mountain lion. Mountain lions are predators and running may stimulate their instinct to chase. Instead, face the animal, keep making eye contact and stand up. If you have small pet or children, pick them up so that they don’t run.
–Appear as large as possible. Open your jacket if wearing one and raise your arms. Throw items like branches, stones, water bottles or anything else you can reach without bending down or turning your back.
–If a mountain lion attacks you, fight back.
–Carry bear spray. Bear spray is a very effective deterrent for mountain lions and other mammals.
–Travel in groups
–Mountain lions are typically most active at dawn and dusk.
–Secure small animals. Do not leave small domestic animals unattended and unsecured outside for long periods of time. Secure chickens in a coop or fenced area.
FWP policy does not allow mountain lions to be relocated. Please report sightings of mountain lions in town and near residences to the Billings FWP office at 406-247-2940.
*please note this is NOT a photo of the observed Lockwood mountain lion*
(via MT FWP)
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