By Montana Grant

Posted: August 5, 2023

The Jefferson River, near the Sappington Bridge, was the site of an Otter Attack. # ladies were tubing down the river in the shallower summer waters. Their pleasant float soon turned into a deflating and bloody encounter with local wildlife.

S group of otters was swimming in the narrow channel and may have seen the floating threesome as a threat to their babies. The adult otters attacked and bit the ladies and their tubes. Once in the water, the girls were bitten and scratched by the otters. One girl needed medical attention. And was flown to the Bozeman Hospital.

This was not the day that the ladies had planned. Getting close to any wildlife can result in an attack. Our watersheds are experiencing low water conditions. Pools and channels are narrower and shallower. If you see wild critters, stay away, and go around them.

You never know what may be lurking along the banks and in the waters of our rivers or lakes. A few years ago, some local Boy Scouts were skirting the edges of the East Gallatin River, near Three Forks, when a 3-foot-long rattlesnake flopped into their canoe. The boat ended up without a crew, while the snake and canoe continued down the river. One of the Scout leaders managed to catch the canoe and the snake. After a field seminar, the angry rattler was released.

I was once night fishing for bass, using a Tiny Torpedo lure. This lure has tiny propellers on it that make a buzzing noise. I took a long cast and never heard the lure hit the water. My Dad was giving me a fit for losing the lure. His attitude changed when I reeled in a HUGE BAT! Not knowing what to do, he netted it. The bat, lure, and net quickly became a tangled mess. After a half hour of using needle nose pliers to cut, snip, and sort out the tangle, the bat was safely released.

You never know what may flop into your boat while cruising Montana’s wild rivers. It’s always best to give these critters a wide birth. Remember that you are invading their living rooms, they are not in yours.

Abandon Ship!

Montana Grant

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