By Montana Grant

Posted: August 13, 2023

Outdoorsmen, women, and kids need snacks and treats to keep them fat, happy, and satisfied. Without a goodie box, hunger can overwhelm a good time.

Back in the day, I kept a blue Snackle Box in my truck. It was just an old, sturdy blue Tupperware tub that I kept stocked with assorted goodies. Malty balls, Mand M’s, tootsie rolls, cheese or peanut butter crackers, and corn nuts were always on hand.

As soon as the kids or hunt/fish buddies got in the truck, the feed was on. I would drive down the road listening to the rustling of wrappers and crunching on snacks. My only rule was to throw the trash in the trash bag.

If I failed to refill the Snackle Box, I would hear it. As the scoutmaster in Bozeman, the scouts would fight over who would get to ride with me so they could feast on the snacks. I had to make sure that I picked different kids on each trip, so everyone was happy.

You can use just about anything for a Snackle Box. Large tackle boxes work well. Whether it is a fold open style or just a plastic segmented fly box. You can fill it up with your favorite goodies.

My old fishing friend Joe and Claire Adams loved Jelly Belly flavored jellybeans. They used a large fly box to keep it handy. Each flavor was in its own compartment. I have also seen M and M’s, Hershey Kisses, and other treats carried this way.

Another buddy kept jerky and meat sticks in a cut down wine box. The bottle separators were filled with Mason Jars of his favorite homemade Jerky flavors. We never came home with full jerky jars.

You do not want to keep melty things in the hot truck. The good news is that even if they melt, the segmented Snackle Box will allow you to pry out a chunk of melted mess. It is still edible but not as presentable. Other crackers and snacks will also go stale if in the truck too long. Make sure to refresh and recycle snacks on occasion.

Snack Happy!

Montana Grant

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