The Dog Man has answers for you on this week’s Montana Outdoor Podcast
By angelamontana

Posted: August 19, 2023

Is Your Dog in Shape and Ready for the Hunting Season? Need Tips for Training, Nutrition or Anything Else to Get Your Pup Ready? The Dog Man has Answers for You! 

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast, Downrigger Dale talked to Jeff “The Dog Man” Smith and got some great tips for you and your hunting dog. Jeff has 40 VERY successful years of training hunting dogs under his belt and in this podcast, and he let it all come out! If you hunt with a dog, have ever thought about it or just plain love dogs, you really need to click here and listen to this podcast

In this Podcast, the Dog Man tells us how to get your “best friend” ready for hunting season. He also tells how to recognize serious health complications your dog might have while out hunting, or just training, that could save his or her life! He gives some great advice on how to even train your dog to let you save their life should that happen, instead of panicking. He even gave some great tips on how to find the right dog trainer if you need one, and a whole lot more! All and all you and your dog will hunt better and have more fun together if you listen to this podcast and follow the advice that Jeff “The Dog Man” Smith delivers in this podcast.

If you would like to ask Jeff any questions you can call him at (406) 360-3311‬ or click here to email him. Oh, and be sure and share this article and the podcast link with all your friends who love to hunt with their dog! Suggestions for future podcast topics? Just click here to email Downrigger Dale with those.

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