By Montana Grant

Posted: August 24, 2023

We all have that secret hot spot that we look forward to fishing. It may be a stream, river, or pond. Back in the day, I used to cherish the Secret Stream in Pennsylvania. The stream was partially stocked by the state and local clubs. Though small, the trout were fat and large. 

Rarely did I share the Secret Stream with others. The water was downstream of where it was stocked by a few miles. Cool springs enriched and chilled the waters making them better than the stocked section. The water was not posted and completely forested.

Beavers loved this stream section and would build several large dams. The result was a backup pool that became a perfect point for trout to stack up.

Stocked trout would wash downstream and end up in the Secret Stream. Brooks, rainbows, goldens, and browns were in abundance. I never caught a fish over 18 inches, but most were over 14 inches long. Most of the pools were full of fish. The beaver dam would stop downstream migration, so I would catch, and release trout trapped in the pool and place them below the dam.

Fishing in the Secret Stream was better than the stocked areas, especially later in the season. Rarely did I tackle this spot until the Summer and Fall. Wet wading made fishing comfortable in the humid and warm weather.

I only kept a limit at a time but would often catch dozens of huge fish. Fishing was consistent and accessible for years. Later. New landowners bought acreage along the creek and immediately posted it. Some would allow access, but most were happy with anyone even looking at their land. I would stay on the side of the water where I had permission and managed to fish the area for several more years, until I moved to Montana.

I have never seen anyone fishing on the Secret Stream for decades. I only took a few guests. They have tried to access the area but claim that new landowners have placed barbwire, fences, and signage everywhere. Times are changing. The new landowners are big hunters and probably are not aware that the stream even has trout in it. In the past, I never even saw a boot print. Today, I was told that the area is stacked with dozens of tree stands for deer hunting. Previously open parking spots have been barricaded.

Secret Streams are special. They never last forever. Enjoy them while you can.


Montana Grant

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