By angelamontana

Posted: September 3, 2023

Great fishing spots are always fun. The definition of “great” changes from angler to angler. For some it may just be a small farm pond or beachfront. For others travel may be required. As a younger angler, I would take friends on summer quests to find the BEST fishing holes around the country. Here are some of the Best fishing places that every angler should try!

Alaska     Fishing for Halibut, cod, salmon, rockfish, and other species is simply amazing. These fish are fat and tasty. They will challenge your skills and patience, but you will come home with frozen meals for the year. I suggest a Self-guided experience. Do your homework before you go and you can have a superb eat, sleep, and fish experience.

Canada     Flying into a lake in Canada is a special adventure. You can [ick a lake or river system that is based on what species of fish you would like to catch. Walleye and pike are popular species. Lake sand brook trout can also be had. Perch, bass, crappie, you name it, Canada has it. These trips are priced to be kid friendly and are remote! Bugs can be rough, but fishing can be awesome.

Northeastern Limestone and historical waters.      Trout fishing in these holy waters of fishing is great sport. These streams were the home of modern fly fishing. Whether you are on the Letort, Yellow Breeches, or other famous Pennsylvania waters, or the great trout waters of New York and New England, trout fishing here is a wonderful pilgrimage. 

Chesapeake Bay      This famous estuary offers amazing fishing for rockfish and blues. Seasonal runs of shad, perch, and other unique species will make your trip special. Flounder, cobia, Spanish mackerel, ands so many more species can be caught on the fly or spinning rod. The area is also surrounded by great history and other seafood. In a pinch, the Atlantic Ocean is also close.

White River Arkansas/Missouri      The cold water below Bull Shoals dam is the perfect place for huge browns and other trout. There are multiple types of water and great fishing for monster trout. If you time your trip to hit the shad kill, you will hook up with dozens of fish a day swinging streamer. Some of the hook ups will scare you!

There are certainly other great places to fish, based on your tastes. Tarpon and bonefish in the Florida Keys are exciting. The redfish in the tidal marshes of the southeast will wear you out. Bass fishing in the popular lakes of Texas and the Carolinas is also fun. The Colorado River runs through several states and offers excellent trout fishing. The Great Lakes offers an incredible diversity of sport fishing. Ice fishing in the Dakota lakes and Idaho Lakes is well worth the trip.

Other once great destinations are in decline. Most of Montana’s trout fisheries have been over exploited. Fishing in Yellowstone Park is also a shadow of what it once was. Look at Wyoming’s Green River or the San Juan River in the southwest. 

Fish hard, fish harder!

Montana Grant

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