Artificial Intelligence or Not? “Montana Mischief Elk”
By angelamontana

Posted: September 19, 2023

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology taking over the world, we want to know if you think you can tell the difference between a hunting/fishing/trapping story from a person or one that is generated from a computer.

Take a look at this submission, and let us know what you think–was this written by AI or by a MORS follower with an entertaining hunting experience?

In the wilds of Montana, two friends, Shelby and Mark, embarked on a bow hunting expedition for the elusive bull elk. They were armed with their bows, a map, and a fair bit of confidence. Little did they know that Montana had something special in store for them.

As they trekked deep into the rugged wilderness, the terrain became increasingly challenging. The dense forest seemed to play tricks on their sense of direction, and they found themselves veering off course more than once. Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t seem to locate any elk.

One crisp morning, after days of fruitless searching, Shelby and Mark stumbled upon a clearing with a rather peculiar sight. There, in the middle of the wilderness, was a massive bull elk with a set of antlers that could only be described as absurdly oversized. It was almost as if this elk had borrowed antlers from every other elk in the forest.

The two hunters couldn’t believe their luck. This elk was so massive that it seemed like an easy target. With adrenaline coursing through their veins, they quietly notched their arrows, took aim, and let loose their shots.

But here’s where the story takes a hilarious twist: the moment the arrows left their bows, the wind decided to join the fun. It whooshed through the clearing, grabbed the arrows mid-flight, and sent them spinning off in different directions.

Shelby and Mark watched in disbelief as their arrows sailed high into the trees, over the hills, and even into a nearby pond, where they disappeared with a comical splash.

The bull elk, now aware of the hunters’ presence, decided to put on a show. It began to dance around the clearing, shaking its absurdly large antlers in what seemed like a mockery of the hunters’ aim. It even let out a bellow that sounded like a blend of a bugle and a belly laugh.

Shelby and Mark, realizing they were outmatched by both the elk and the whimsical wind, burst into laughter. They couldn’t help but admire the sheer absurdity of the situation—their missed shots, the dancing elk, and the mischievous wind.

Eventually, the bull elk trotted away into the forest, its massive antlers swaying with each step, as if bidding farewell to the bewildered hunters.

Shelby and Mark returned to camp with a tale that was equal parts hunting adventure and comedy. They regaled their fellow hunters with the story of the “Montana Mischief Elk,” a creature so elusive and entertaining that it had humbled even the most seasoned bow hunters.

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