HIGH FIVE This Hunting Season! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: September 22, 2023

Hunting is a sport! When humans were hunters and gatherers, hunting and fishing were about survival. For most of the world that is no longer the case. So why are we still hunting?

Hunting is so much more than food we can eat. It is also about feeding our spirit and soul. When we hunt, our focus is on hunting. We reconnect with the outdoors and our inner hunter emerges. Our senses become alive and we escape back into nature for a while. We have become hunters of happiness.

Harvesting wild game is healthy and exciting. It is also important to remember a few things when we go afield. Here are 5 things to not forget:

    1. Safety!!!  It is important to come back alive. You would think this would be common sense but things can get crazy when loaded weapons, harsh terrain, and excitement are involved. Once the weapon is discharged, you can’t put the projectile back in the weapon. You are responsible for the outcome. IF THE SHOT DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT, DON’T SHOOT! 
    2. Know your Limits!!!  Hunting teaches us to follow management and safety rules for a reason.  You are not entitled to a critter because you bought a license or live on the land. Poachers are simply thieves. Anyone can kill a critter dishonestly. There is no sport or celebration in being a criminal. Your example and behavior impacts all sportsmen.
  • Let’s Get Physical!!!  Hunting season is the perfect time to be at peak health. Exercise and manage your wellness to support hunting success. Each hunting season is one less in our lifetime. Your body needs to get smarter as our bones and muscles get worn down. Hunting season is a pilgrimage and incentive for us to stay strong.
  • Set The Stage For Success!!!  Good planning, organization, preparation, and practice are vital to hunting success. Being a student of the sport is essential. New tactics, techniques, locations, gear, and ideas will help you strategize for a fun and successful hunt. 
  • Share the Sport!!!  Hunting is a learned skill that needs to be practiced. As hunters evolve, they become masters of their craft. Now is the season to prove your hunting expertise. Teach someone else how to be a successful and ethical hunter. That is the best trophy of all.  Great hunting partners are tougher to find that a critter, and harvesting is more work and less fun when not shared together.

The tradition and purpose of hunting continues to change. Meat is cheaper at the grocery store, so it is not just about food anymore. Hunting involves dedication and hours of patience, waiting, and searching for a few moments of excitement. Those brief moments fuel our spirit for life. The trophies on the wall remind us of when we made a successful choice. Success was also measured through friendships, experiences, and simply enjoying being a part of nature. Remember to always be your BEST when hunting for what life has to offer!

Time to head afield and celebrate another season!

Montana Grant

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