MT Outdoor Podcast: What is it Like to be a Montana Game Warden?
By angelamontana

Posted: September 30, 2023

What is it Like to be a Montana Game Warden? Sargent Aaron Berg Talks About Some of His Experiences and the Challenges Wardens Face Every Day in Montana

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast, Downrigger Dale has a fascinating discussion with Montana Game Warden Sargent Aaron Berg. It is hard to believe but there are only about 80 game wardens out patrolling the mountains, meadows, waterways, and prairies of Montana and they have over 147,000 square miles to cover! That is A LOT of ground to cover for those few officers in the field. And they do it with no backup and often very limited communication. All the while knowing that almost everyone they encounter is armed. So, you can imagine there is a lot that goes on out there and this week’s podcast will give you a peek behind the scenes so you can learn what that is like and why being a game warden is one of the most dangerous and challenging of all law enforcement jobs. Just click here to listen now! Aaron also talks about what is required to become a game warden and why you might want to join him out there as a warden yourself. Afterall there is a bit of a shortage of game wardens in Montana right now. You will also hear the story of the first citation Aaron ever wrote, and you will likely be as shocked as Downrigger was when you find out what he had to write the citation for! Yeah, some folks do some REALLY STRANGE stuff out there. You will also learn what the most common mistakes hunters and fishermen make while out in the wilds of Montana. Including one that Downrigger has made several times. Oh, and did you know that game wardens use animal and human DNA to solve crimes? Yup in fact Aaron tells how Montana game wardens were able to use DNA to figure out who started a wildfire!! You have got to hear that story! Downrigger covers a whole lot with Sargent Berg, and we are positive you will have a great time listening to all of it!

After you listen to this podcast you may have some questions for Aaron. To ask Aaron any questions about rules and regulations or anything else just click here to send Downrigger an email. He will pass your questions on to Aaron and get his answers right back to you. If you want to learn more about Montana game wardens and what they do just click here. If you or someone you know would like to learn about becoming a game warden, click here to find out all about that! In fact, Downrigger had a lot of questions he still wants to cover with Aaron and that’s why he will have him back soon for another visit so be sure and stay tuned for that!  

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