PIGS!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: September 2, 2023

“Look at that PIG!” I could hear the comment echoing across the pond. Several large joggers suddenly started looking for a fight. Finally, they saw a happy fisherman netting a HUGE fish. A fight was averted.

Catching “PIGS”, is a big deal worth squealing about. A fisherman must first overcome the challenge of catching a fish, any fish. After some initial success, catching a lot of fish becomes their goal. Later they learn to catch a specific fish. When they successfully target a big fish, they can brag about their “Pig, Hawg, Toad, or Lunker”. 

What defines a “Pig” varies with species, location, BS and what I refer to as the “Viagra Factor’. Pig refers to size and size varies from fisherman to fisherman. BIG is in the eye of the beholder. Fishermen are known for exaggeration. They all have a different idea of what 6 inches is. For fishermen, size does matter. 

Naming and bragging about Big Fish probably began when the Caveman took up fishing. Fish were “Mammoth” back then and prehistoric armor plated “Pigs” could eat back. Dragging back a monster PIG would feed the entire cave and end up painted on the wall. 

Some “Pig” names come from the mouths of children. They often catch “Mr. Piglesworth”, “Free Willy”, or “Charlie the Tuna”! Big fish deserve big names. 

Fantasy names also can be used to describe Big Pigs. Trekkies and Geeks may enjoy netting “Supernova”, or “Gigascales”.

Southern folks like catching and naming Pigs. “Bubba” is often celebrated in their fishing circles. New Englanders chase “Jaws” or “Moby Dick”.

Eventually fishermen begin giving specific Pigs special names. “Old Fighter”, Big Ed”, or Walter” become classic Pig names. 

It’s also curious how Big Fish seem to take on a masculine identity. The truth is that many Big Fish are females. Male fish tend to be smaller and die sooner. There must be a punch line here somewhere. When we talk about Big Fish, fishermen saw, hooked, turned, or caught “Him”. 

Perhaps we can become political when talking about “Pigs”. Maybe you netted a “Big Obama”, released a huge “Chris Christie, or netted a monstrous “Stimulus Package”. 

Memories of PIGS last a long time. These Pig stories have been shared around campfires for generations. I am sure that there is a special river where a PIG runs through it.

Get the NET!!!

Montana Grant

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