CAMP CUPS!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: October 7, 2023

A Camp Cup is an important accessory when heading afield, afloat, or on a campout. A Camp Cup has so many uses.

Soldiers throughout history always carried a camp cup that they used to boil water in, drink from, wash and shave out of, use as a musical instrument, or dig a foxhole. These metal cups could be heard banging and clanging as the army marched to battle. They had to tie them down near the battlefield so the enemy could not hear them. 

Morning coffee, soup, water, booze, or dinner could be served from a Camp Cup. Boiling the water first, in a metal cup, killed germs and cooties. They could then add chaga, tea, or coffee. A Camp Cup was the most useful part of their camp kit.

Today, many sports bring Monster Cups to camp. These gallon sized brutes may be too much if there is a need to share. We all hate the guy that fills their brute cup with a potful of coffee, leaving the pot empty. They also top off their cup with the soup or stew, leaving less for others. 

A more neutral, 16 oz. size is reasonable. An actual cup is more like 7 oz. If the cup is emptied. You can refill and have the drink warmer. It’s ok to enjoy seconds or thirds after others have also had a fair portion. 

You can easily pack a Camp Cup. Metal is better than plastic if you plan to boil water. Since the cup is hollow, you can stuff it with other gear. This will secure and protect it. Even a ceramic cup can stay in one piece. 

Years ago, I went for a hike in the Beartooth Mountains of central Montana. I had not drawn a special tag, so I went as a camp cook and helper. After my chores were done, I hiked 3 miles into an amazing, outfitted camp that a family had set up. A tent was literally inside another tent. A dozen hunters could sleep in the accommodations. The stove and camp kitchen were at one end. I remember seeing a dozen old white ceramic coffee mugs hanging from peds. The host offered me a cup of camp coffee. After the 3-mile hike, the coffee tasted amazing. Black, hot, and in a real cup. 

Simple comforts make us feel better. If we feel better, we hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors better. Old Camp Cups not only carry drinks, but they also carry memories.

Montana Grant

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