MT Outdoor Podcast: What is a Master Hunter? A Hunter That is Very Skilled?
By angelamontana

Posted: October 14, 2023

What is a Master Hunter? A Hunter That is Very Skilled?

That is Knowledgeable? That is an Excellent Shot? You’re Getting Warm but Still Not There!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast Host Downrigger Dale talks with Sarah Tilt, Executive Director of One Montana. One Montana is the nonprofit organization that created probably one of the most unique hunter education courses in the world. When you click here to listen to this week’s podcast you will likely see what we meant by that last statement in just the first few minutes of listening. Downrigger has talked a lot on about hunting access on the Montana Outdoor Podcast, but he has never really found a guest that has cracked the code that unlocks the ultimate secret to better and ongoing hunter and landowner relations, that is, until now. That is why this may be one of the most important podcasts for the hunter who truly desires to become a better hunter AND who wants to give back to the incredible sport of hunting and all the those who do their part every day to provide access to the game they love to hunt.

There is a TON of great “take aways” in this podcast but one of the most important is how you can apply to get into the Master Hunter Program, so listen carefully for that as there is a deadline approaching to apply. You will also hear Rigger’s guest, Sarah Tilt explain how the Master Hunter Program was launched to help the State of Montana and private landowners improve wildlife management efforts by restoring the cooperation between hunters, private landowners, and game managers. The program provides advanced hunter education that hones the participant’s overall aptitude and includes training in conservation and stewardship, natural history, ethics, and specialized ballistics and marksmanship skills, among other topics. As Downrigger put it, after recording the podcast, “There are so many incredible elements to this program that I was truly amazed. One that really stood out was the involvement of landowners in the program. When you listen to the podcast you will see how important this program is as it brings the hunters and landowners together in such a unique way that I just don’t see how this will not create a positive and lasting change in landowner and hunter relationships for years and years to come. And not just for those hunters that complete the program, true they will reap huge and likely immediate rewards, but for all hunters and landowners in the future.”

Ok no more spoilers gang, just click here and listen to the podcast. This one is going to blow you away and it is going to give hunters that follow through and apply to get in the Master Hunter Program a HUGE opportunity. If you would like to learn more about the Master Hunter Program, click here. Also click here to watch a video about the program. If you would like to look at the application and get started on that click here. If you would like to see who the instructors are click here. Look at an example curriculum by clicking here. You can see who the past graduates of the Master Hunter Program are by clicking here. If you would like to ask Downrigger’s guest Sarah Tilt a question about the program or about One Montana, click here to send her an email. Last but certainly not least, if you would like to help One Montana to be able to provide more opportunities to Montanans click here to learn how you can donate to them.

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