MT Outdoor Podcast: Could You Survive if You Were Dropped Off Just over 200 Miles from the Artic Circle with Only 10 Basic Items, no Food and LEFT ALONE?!
By angelamontana

Posted: November 25, 2023


This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale talks to the Season 6 winner of the History Channel’s popular TV reality series, “Alone”. You must hear Jordan Jonas’s story of how he not only survived but won the incredible challenge. When you click here to listen, you will hear how Jordan fought off starvation, loneliness, wild animals, and the brutal weather conditions of Canada’s Northwest Territories to claim his spot in outdoor survival history. How did he do it? Well, the amazing life he lived prior to being selected to compete against 9 other incredible individuals on the History Channel’s extremely popular reality series, for sure had something to do with it. Spoiler alert! He left home as a teenager and jumped from railcar to railcar to travel the country! Thus, Jordan likely became one of the only known teenage hobos in America. So yeah, that might have helped prepare him for that unbelievable challenge. Oh, but he was just getting warmed up! After spending his teen years as a hobo riding the rails all alone, he went to Russia to help build an orphanage! That led him to take things to an extreme again and head deep into the Siberian wilderness and believe it or not, it just gets crazier from there!! Like we said you just must hear this podcast! One of the stories Jordan tells Rigger is about the fact that while competing in the Alone series he was able to kill a rabbit to eat on his first day out in the Arctic wilderness. He talks about how rabbits were all over the place. Rigger replied, “Oh so you had a pretty reliable food source then.” Jordan explains that you must have fat to survive in those conditions and artic rabbits barely have any. So, though he could eat lots of rabbits they in no way could stop him from starving to death. There is even a term for it, rabbit starvation! So, where did Jordan find that all important source of fat? You will have to listen to this week’s Montana Outdoor podcast to find out and hopefully you won’t have a weak stomach when you do listen. What does Jordan do now? He lives in Darby, Montana, but you will have to listen to find out the rest. The answer to that question is really cool and when you listen you can even learn how you can go hunt with and learn survival techniques from Jordan

After you listen, if you want to find out more about Jordan Jonas click here. If you want to learn more about the History Channel’s Alone TV Series click here. Want to take one of Jordan’s Wilderness Courses? Click here to find out more and book it!  If you would like to ask Jordan any questions you can click here to send him an email. As always Downrigger Dale would love to hear what you thought of this week’s podcast and if you have any suggestions for future podcasts. Click here to email Downrigger.

(Feature photo credit: Jordan on the Alone series)
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