A MEATY MINDSET!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: December 17, 2023

Montana is a Meaty place. We love our local meats. Wild game, black angus, lamb, waterfowl, farm ranch critters, and so much more. We only lack local seafood! Thank goodness we got some shipped into Big Sky Country. Our fresh fish is diverse and tasty. 

One of my old students owns the Killer Kitchen Gourmet food company, in Pennsylvania. His monster smoker is on wheels. As he travels the world, Greg brings back ideas and ways to enhance flavors but to also find a way to make Killer Meats and have a Killer Mindset! Do something impressive and remarkable with your life. 

Greg was always the Funny Guy in class. He was friendly but sometimes unhappy about his size, attitude, and worried about where life would take him. Like all of us, he needed a plan, target, goal, and strategy to get there. He was searching for something to sink his teeth in.

A Killer Mindset means you need to Inspire, be mindful, take action, and Never Quit! Be the Pit Master of your future!

Using his love of cooking meat, Greg now lives by a Meaty Code! This is his advice for a Meaty Life!

Smoke out the goodness in life. Be Tasteful!

Trim off the fat and lousy parts of your life. Don’t Ham it up.

Pull yourself up when you fall. Don’t be a Fry Baby!

Rub your friends and family the right way. Life can be the Pits if you let it.

Inject the best that you have to offer. Avoid having a beef with others. 

Extract the Best out of others. Fowl attitudes are useless. 

Marinate what makes you happy and tasteful. Don’t Wing It!

Grill life to the max! 

Is that the dinner bell I hear ringing? Time to stick a fork into it!

Montana Grant

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