CATCH AND DECEASED!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: December 1, 2023

Some fishermen almost never keep or kill a fish. They appreciate the resource and get used to not eating their tasty catches. 

Most of the fish that I eat are during Ice Fishing time. I catch and release most of the fish I catch during the rest of the year, except if I go camping or make shore lunch. Fish through the ice are delicious and once they are on the hard water, you do not need a stringer or a cooler. During the winter months, we eat fresh fish often. 

My buddy Meat stick Dave wanted to take his son in law Triple B out for some big bow fishing. Triple B is a guide with hundreds of guide days under his belt each season. He has not kept or eaten fish in years. It was time to reintroduce him to some great fishing with food for the family. 

We introduced BBB to the Causeway, in Helena. Meatstick was anxious to hit the road, so we left early, only to discover that there was skim ice on the water. We had to wait for a few hours for the ice to melt off and create some open water. Some of the anglers were using large branches, or rope attached weights, to break the ice. The sun took care of the rest.

BBB couldn’t wait. He saw a hole in the ice 30 yards out and cast his bait into it. He was hooked up in no time, but the fish was stuck in the ice hole! I suggested that he slide the fish onto the ice and reel it in on top of the ice. While he slid his catch over the ice, I broke the shore ice with my long net and was ready to catch the Big Rainbow! BBB’s first bow was on the stringer, and he literally broke the ice. 

It took a few hours but we all ended up with a limit of big rainbows. These fish are impressive in size and taste. They filet up beautifully and the orange meat looks like a salmon or steelhead filet.

 After a year of Catching and Releasing, even a fisherman needs to eat!

Montana Grant

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