DEAR SANTA! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: December 18, 2023

Every sportsman has a Christmas Wish List! There is never enough stuff in our vests, boats, rides, arsenals, and tackle boxes. The problem is that most non sportsmen don’t know what you have and what you need.  So how do you get a meaningful Christmas Gift for a hunter or Fishermen if you are not a sport yourself?

Gift Card    Not the most imaginative gift but the sportsman will be able to get what they need and want. 

Make Something    Gifts that are handmade are always special and fun. Using creative crafting skills and your imagination, you can create a fun and well-liked gift. It could be a t-shirt, hat, wall hanging, or…

Inquiry    Ask his or her friends to get some feedback. They talk amongst teach other and understand the sport. Maybe some ammunition, hooks, fly tying gear, optics, etc. Just have a price range in mind. 

Food For Thought     Fishermen and Hunters eat and cook. There is always s a recipe book, spice rub, grill accessory, or meal related gift that is good to go.

Think Perishables    Sportsmen run out of stuff just from routine use. Maybe they need more hooks, bullets, socks, or other gear that wears out or gets used up. This is another opportunity to check in with friends. They can guide you down this path.

Stocking Stuffers    Sportsmen never have enough… Hooks, flies, lures, spinners, knives, koozies, ammo, etc. They are perfect to stuff into the new hunting or fishing boot socks. 

Picture This     Every sport enjoys pictures or unique things that relate to their memories afield and afloat. Find some favorite pictures and come up with a fun way to display them. 

Ask    If you want to be certain of getting what the sportsman needs and wants, have them make a list. They are usually good at circling things in a catalog or adding things to a cart online. 

There is great satisfaction in getting someone a gift that is appreciated. Especially when it is out of your wheelhouse. There are plenty of ways to find fun and special holiday gifts for your favorite Sport!

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Montana Grant

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