Huntress!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: December 11, 2023

When most hunters were young, we dreamed about marrying a “Huntress”. Someone that could literally Bring Home the Bacon. Many of us were lucky to find a woman that could just bring home the groceries. This is not to say that all women are not worthy. In modern times women archers are no longer damsels in distress. They tag zombies, vampires, and are heroines in Hunger Games movies. Amazon women are respected and revered. 

But… to marry a Huntress! What would that mean? What are the requirements to be a Huntress? Does she have to be beautiful or just skilled? If she is a better hunter and fisherman than you are, is that a problem? 

I never dated a huntress. A bow shooting huntress sure looks sexy. I was lucky if girls I dated didn’t complain about my time afield. I dated my wife for 4 years. She broke up with me every trout and hunting season. I was good enough during the off seasons but unavailable when the fish and critters called. She finally gave in, or maybe just gave up, and married me. 45 years later and she still is not always happy with my time afield. 

For some men, hunting is an escape from their wives or girlfriends/ companions. Being at hunting camp is freedom. The last thing that they want hanging around is more competition and a partner that is a better hunter than them. 

So, here is Alisha, the Huntress. This girl has got it going on! She takes pride in staying in shape. Her strong workouts keep her fit and healthy. Her main hunting tool is a bow and arrow! This requires training and experience, to use successfully. 

She married a man that is also strong and loves hunting. Together they support each other and their family. When they elk hunt, the Baby on Board sign goes up. Hunting is a whole family activity. Alisha’s little girl may also become a Huntress one day. It will require a lot of time afield, practice, and exercise to catch up with her Mom. 

 I also know that Angela Montana has it going on too!

Montana Grant

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