MT Outdoor Podcast: Shane Clouse a Man for All Seasons
By angelamontana

Posted: December 23, 2023

Shane Talks About Bighorn Sheep, Hunting, Performing, Song Writing, Acting in Movies and of Course Spending Time in Montana’s Outdoors!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale talks with celebrity and Montana native Shane Clouse about his involvement with the Montana Wild Sheep Foundation. Shane is a past President of the foundation which partners with the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to help with Big Horn Sheep conservation, research and habitat to make sure we will have Big Horn Sheep to hunt for many, many years to come. When Shane is not making movies, performing on stage, writing songs or working in is businesses, you can find him out in Montana’s Outdoors, bow hunting, rifle hunting, fishing or working on his ranch with his beautiful wife Kelly. Shane covers some great information about the health and population of Montana’s Big Horn Sheep as well as some details about MOV Pneumonia that profoundly affects Big Horn Sheep. He also talks about how lucky we are in Montana to be the only state that has a certain type of a Big Horn Sheep Hunting season. Click here to listen and learn more about that and so much more about Montana’s Big Horn Sheep.

Rigger also talked to Shane about his entertainment career. Many of you have likely heard Shane’s music and may have seen him perform in concert around Montana and other states. Some of you may not know that Shane is also an actor. He starred in a movie called Eye for Eye and has another movie coming out this May called Mr. Pettigrew, both are Westerns. Listen to the Podcast to learn more about the characters he plays and what these movies are about. You can find Eye for Eye on Amazon right now. Click here to watch it now. In Eye for Eye, Shane stars with Actor John Savage who has starred in many major films, most notably the Academy Award winning film, The Deer Hunter, alongside Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep and Christopher Walken. In addition to acting in the movie Eye for Eye, Shane also wrote and performed music for the film’s soundtrack. You are going to LOVE this interview as Rigger covers a TON of ground with Shane including his very successful company Pink Grizzly which sells the monstrously popular Montana Wreaths which are sold during the holidays all over the world. One thing you will notice about Shane Clouse as you listen to this Podcast is he truly loves his home state of Montana! Which we would like to think has caused him to be unlike any actor or entertainer in general that you will ever get to know. Click here to listen to this Montana Outdoor Podcast NOW!

After you are done listening come back here and Click Here to learn all about the Montana Wild Sheep Foundation. To learn more about Shane Click Here. Or visit his Facebook Page by Clicking Here and message him there with your questions. Or you can email him by Clicking Here. Lean all about Shane’s business, Montana Wreaths by Clicking Here! To learn more about the movie Eye for Eye Click Here. To learn more about Shane’s next movie called Mr. Pettigrew coming out this May Click Here. You can find Shane’s music on Apple Music by Clicking Here, or find Shane’s music on Spotify  by Clicking Here. As always be sure and Click Here to email Downrigger Dale and let him know what you thought of this Podcast or give him ideas for future Podcast topics.


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