PURPLE MOUNTAINS!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: January 1, 2024

Montana is famous for many things. Big Sky Country never stops surprising us. 

Our Big Skies are full of color. At night we may get to se the Northern Lights. Forest Fires and their smoke make amazing sunsets. Pretty much most sunrises and sunsets are worth checking out. Our wonderful lakes and fields and forests are nothing to ignore. 

The other evening, my son Kyle took a picture of the Bridger Mountains from behind his shop. He was looking past the airport and toward the east. The mountains were amazing.

Purple Mountains Majesty are words written in our national anthem. The author must have been thinking about Montana skies when he wrote the song. Every beautiful vista and Sky Show is the best in person. 

Purple is technically not a color. It is not in the natural, pure light spectrum. Instead, it is a blend or tint caused by other colors. Purple is calming because of blue tones and stimulating due to red tones. The color Purple is both mysterious and stimulating. 

It is true that purple is associated with wealthy nobles, royals, and majesty, but don’t let them ruin the nice mojo that purple offers. 

Just because the mountains are Purple does not mean that we are NFL Ravens or Vikings fans. Purple Rain will not be falling anytime soon. Eggplants are not a native vegetable here. A Purple Haze is not hanging low across the valley. Smurfs are not taking over the country, just Californians. 

Purple Mountains simply means we need to take a minute and enjoy the view. Montana is an amazing place, and we need to pause occasionally and remember why we live here. 

America is beautiful and Montana is nearest to its heart. 

From sea to shining sea!

Montana Grant

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