23 foot battery-electric boat designed for wake sports
By angelamontana

Posted: February 23, 2024

Lora Klodney recently wrote an article on cnbc.com spotlighting the launch of a new premium wake sport model by EV boat maker Arc, priced at $258,000.

Designed especially for wake sports enthusiasts, the Arc Sport follows the success of its predecessor, the Arc One, a limited-edition luxury cruiser.

While the startup only churned out a handful of Arc Ones, they’re revving up for continuous production of the Arc Sport.

This sleek 23-foot beauty can fit up to 15 people, boasting a hefty battery that’ll keep you cruising for four to six hours straight at a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

Priced to compete with the big boys like Nautique, MasterCraft, and Malibu, Arc is leading the charge alongside other innovative startups like GM-backed Pure Watercraft and X Shore out of Stockholm.

Arc’s electric model offers a breath of fresh air, tackling noise pollution, smog, and water contamination head-on.

Mitch Lee, Arc’s co-founder and CEO, drew inspiration from his own experiences on the water, determined to swap out diesel fumes for the pure thrill of electric power.

What are your thoughts?

Feature photo: Arc Boat Company’s fully electric Arc Sport model gets four to six hours of typical use on a single charge, Arc Boat Company
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