Hunting dog survives chasing pigs off 85′ cliff
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: February 19, 2024
From Elbert County Emergency Services, Georgia
This morning Elbert County E911 received a call that would be unusual to most 911 centers. At 07:50 a gentleman called to report that he was hog hunting in an area off of Highway368. His hunting dog began to attempt to bay a team of pigs. The dog tracked them through the woods and right off the edge of a quarry. The team of pigs and the dog fell approximately 85’ into the quarry. The owner advised our 911 officer that the dog was still alive, seemed to be ok and he wanted assistance to rescue his canine. Members of Elbert County EMA, Fire and Sheriff’s Office Responded.
With a plan consisting of ladders, ropes and a lot of bravery. Responders made their way down to the dog and was able to get the animal out of the quarry and back to his owner. There were no obvious injuries noted to the canine.
Thank you to responders: Morgan Cooper, Ronald Mooney, DJ Nestor, John Luna, Mark Harper, Griffin Webb, Camden Harris, Brooks Dickson, Nelson Vickery, Chuck Almond, Jarecee Norman and Jonathan Dove for their assistance this morning.
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