MAKING and LOSING FRIENDS!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: February 20, 2024

You would think that as much fun as hunting, fishing, and playing is, that others would enjoy doing them with you. 

Age makes us wise when it comes to this topic. It also makes us lonely. 

Losing friends happens for many reasons. The most common reason for losing outdoor friends is wives and girlfriends. They want their spouse or “Besty” close to the lease. There are plenty of house, lawn, and garden chores that are on that Honey Do list. Surely nothing can be as glorious as time with them. Opening Days are not as important as mowing the lawn and date nights. 

Sometimes jealousy, greed, trust, and dishonesty cause friendships to end. Some friendships just run their course.   Friends can be cheap, take advantage of, or selfish. These friendships can end badly. 

Hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventures are memorable and challenging. A first fish, buck, bulls’ eye, tough trek or paddle are intimate experiences. You have shared a very personal event with your “Friend”. You may have given them first aid, advice, or advice that changed their lives. 

Age does not help with friendships. Physical health slows and stops us from outdoor adventure. Our hearts say yes but our bodies say, “No Way Jose”. 

Retirement should be the best time to head afield and get on the water. We now have time to enjoy the final chapters of our lives. Our careers were great but your Superpowers have been hunting, fishing, camping, and… When we went to school, worked with others, and were active with kids, our pool of potential friends was full. Retirement has a small population of folks capable or willing to stay physically active and make new friends.

Our Bucket Lists are long but many of our friends have “Kicked the Bucket”.

Its not that we have caught to many or enough fish, filled too many tags, flushed to many birds, shot too many guns, seen too many sunrises and sunsets, hiked too many miles… Finding like minded and physically/mentally able partners is harder than ever. Those of us that are older and can still trek outdoors are survivors and in the minority.

We try to join clubs, find friends at church or other groups, Facebook, or by chance. Some new candidates tell a good story but may have different political or religious views. There are many reasons why people are slow to become friends. You must be a friend to make and keep a friend. 

Thank you to all the great friends that I have and have lost. Looking forward to making new friends and continuing a full life of adventure and fun afield. 

Life goes on! 

Montana Grant

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