MT Outdoor Podcast: Are You an Outdoors Woman?
By angelamontana

Posted: February 3, 2024

Do You Want to Become One? Do You Know Someone That Would or Should Become One? Do You Just Want to Learn a New Outdoor Skill?

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale had an awesome conversation with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks’ BOW Coordinator, Kylie Kembel. Kylie told Rigger all about the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program.  Of course, with Downrigger being a father of 9 daughters this is a program that is near and dear to his heart! If you have never heard of this program or maybe you have but have never heard about the Montana FWP’s version of it, you for sure need to click here and to listen to this podcast. And guys, if you are thinking this is a podcast just for the ladies you are wrong! You can get involved too! Kylie is always looking for volunteer instructors and/or guys who know gals that might be interested in getting involved either as a participant, an instructor and/or someone that just wants to learn a new outdoor skill. So, what all do they do in the BOW program? Well, for starters they have a whole bunch of fun! Specifically, they learn about and go out ice fishing, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, hunting for all kinds of things, and so much more! Basically pretty much anything a person can do in Montana’s outdoors! The best thing you can do is click here and listen to this podcast. You will learn that you have for sure been missing out on a whole lot, and more importantly you will learn how you can get involved!

If you would like to learn even more about the BOW program after you listen to the Podcast, just click here. If you have a question for Kylie Kembel and/or if you would like to become a volunteer instructor, simply click here to send her an email or just give her and call at 406-444-5280. If you want to sign up for the ice fishing work shop this 16th and 17th in Kalispell, click here to get more information! If you would like to get emails about future events, click here. You can also check out the BOW Facebook Page by clicking here. To learn about where it all started and find out where BOW programs are at all across North America click here.

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