MT Outdoor Podcast: Glendive, MT Gets Locked and Loaded
By angelamontana

Posted: February 17, 2024

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale talks to Andy Mansoor, CEO of Brixtel Defense along with two other key executives of the Company Jimmy Slaughter and James McCoy. Those gentlemen represent Brixtel Defense an ammunition company that is spending 125 million dollars to build an ammunition manufacturing plant in Glendive Montana!  You may recall if you listened a few weeks back to the Montana Outdoor Podcast when Rigger talked to Governor Greg Gianforte about Montana’s outdoor economy, he brought up Brixtel Defense and talked about them setting up a plant in Glendive. So, Downrigger decided to investigate that and boy did he find out a ton of exciting information! Make sure you click here and listen to this podcast! When you do you will learn things like, which state is home to the highest number, per capita, of innovative firearms and ammunitions businesses in the United States. Spoiler Alert: That state is nicked named The Big Sky Country! What is even more amazing is how many people Brixtel Defense is planning on hiring when they get the new plant up to full capacity. You will also learn why this Virginia-based company choose Glendive Montana as the place they wanted to expend their business in such a major way. Another thing the boys from Brixtel told Rigger about was the type of ammunition they will be manufacturing in Glendive. There is much more than that waiting for you to learn when you click here to listen. It truly is amazing! In fact, some of you might just want to go to work for Brixtel and yes when you listen to the podcast you will find out what jobs they are looking to fill and how you can apply! In addition to all that you will learn that Brixtel Defenses’ expansion will have a positive affect on other businesses all across Montana as well!

If you would like to learn more about Brixtel Defense, you can click here to head to their website. If you would like to email them your resume, click here. If would like to get their contact info for their headquarters in Virginia or for the new branch office in Glendive just click here. As always Downrigger Dale would love to hear from you with your thoughts about this episode or with your ideas for future podcasts. Click here to email him!

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