SCHOOL OF FISH!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: February 5, 2024

Initiating a strike is half of the fisherman’s battle. Anglers can copy, or mimic, scents, movement, color/light, texture, sound/vibration, and behavior. At some time, any of these stimulants can get the fisherman a strike. 

It is always amazing to see the creativity of an angler when tackling this challenge. Fly Tiers are immensely creative. Recently, Fly Tiers have begun using a wide variety of unusual tying materials to create flies that bring on the bite!

Mop flies are made from floor mops, San Juan worms are made from Kids squirmy toy materials, and so many other flies have origins in pet hair, and other craft materials. 

Back in the day, I used a glue gun to make rubber eggs that had tendrils attached to them. Glue sticks came in a slough of colors and sparkles. The wiggly results were chewy, colorful, sparkly, and stimulated fish to bite.

Some species of fish are stimulated by the School of Fish. Baitfish often swim together to look bigger and for protection. Bass, Rockfish, and salmon will often be encouraged to join in a feeding frenzy of excited baitfish buffet. 

Trolling School of fish rigs loaded with plastics or flashers is a great way to get strikes. A hungry fish can find and attack a group of baitfish more successfully than a single fish. 

Recently, I saw a friend tie up a school of fish saltwater fly. He used mono and epoxy, along with impala hair to make one fly look like several. My only suggestion would be a stinger hook loaded off the rear bend of the hook. I also think that a more traditional streamer hook would add length and hook ability. 

This School of Fish Fly is now on my fly-tying list. My plan is to make a few variations of this idea. It would probably work best when trolled, rather than when cast. 

One of the best things about fishing is learning, creating, and discovering new fishing ideas and tips.

School is back in session!

Montana Grant

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