Turkey Tuesday: 5 Not-So-Common Facts about Turkeys
By angelamontana

Posted: February 6, 2024

It’s Turkey Tuesday, and we have five interesting facts about turkeys you may not have known:

  • Female turkeys don’t gobble, but they do purr. (via National Wild Turkey Federation)
  • The turkey that you buy at the grocery store has been bred and raised to provide you with as much meat as possible. Because of this, they end up with unnaturally large breasts which hinder their ability to fly. (via The Patriot News)
  • Turkeys can run upwards of 12 miles per hour. (via Pennsylvania Game Commission)
  • The world record for the fastest turkey carving is 3 minutes and 19.47 seconds. (via Guiness Book of World Records)
  • Turkeys were once primarily bred for their feathers, not their meat. (via Encyclopedia Brittanica)

And there you have it.  Five interesting facts you might not have know about turkeys! Let your friends and family know how smart you are by sharing these facts!

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