WHAT’S IN A MONTANA NAME? by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: February 26, 2024

As the 4th largest American State, Montana does have a sense of humor. This is shown in the way that early pioneers named their towns and places. 

If you lived in Flathead County, “Hog Heaven” was the place to be. John Wayne learned to ride horses when he visited “Two Dot”, which was named after a 2-dot cattle brand. Later Hank Williams Jr. lived” in Two Dot Montana and didn’t give a dam!”

Potheads might want to live in “Stoner Place”, Lewis and Clark County. 3 Dog Night may have “Never been to Spain” but may have visited Spain, Montana in Galatin County. 

Poker Jim Butte must have had a card table back in the day. “Pompey’s Pillar” was named after Sacagawea’s son by Lewis and Clark in 1806.

“Spion Kop” is a town in Montana named after a battle during the Boer War, in South Africa. Only one town has a Z in its first letter name. “Zortman” is in central Montana but named after a mine owner from Alder Gulch.

“Joe”, Montana used to be called “Ismay”. It was changed later to honor Joe Montana, an NFLL quarterback. The town with a population of 26 was also once named “Burt”. 

“Roy “, Montana was named after an early settler. “Grant”, Montana is where all the old farm equipment goes to die. Acres of old gear are parked on several acres of Grant property. 

“Ringling” was named by Jon Ringling, the owner of the famous circus. This is where the Circus would spend the off season. Elephants, lions, tigers, and other crazy wildlife would wander around Big Sky Country. 

Watch your back in “Feeley” and be careful when you ask for directions to the “Wiener Cutoff”.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can live in Montana!

Montana Grant

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