YOUR FAVORITE PART!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: February 17, 2024

Fishermen are certainly hooked, addicted, and connected to their sport. There are many things to celebrate about the sport of fishing, but what is the one, best thing that you like about fishing?

None of us go fishing without the intent of catching a fish. Let’s start there. What part of Catching a Fish is your favorite? Seeing the fish is not enough since most seen fish never bite. 

Here are the stages of catching a fish.

  • Casting
  • Waiting
  • Seeing a bite
  • Feeling a Bite
  • Setting the hook
  • Knowing the hook is set.
  • The battle and fight
  • Netting/capturing the fish.
  • Releasing the fish
  • Putting the fish into a cooler or on a stringer
  • Cleaning a fish
  • Cooking a fish
  • Eating a fish
  • Telling the story about the fish

Everyone has their favorite. For me, I love seeing, feeling the bite, and setting the hook. Once the fish is hooked, it just becomes a tussle. If I had to have just one it would be the moment when you know the hook is set.

Catch and Release anglers may prefer the Release. I remember veteran fly guys on the Letort, Yellow Breeches, and other famous Pennsylvania limestone streams brag about how many trout they “touched”. This meant that they had the fun of a strike, sip, or nibble but never really brought the fish to the net. They would say that they “Hung a big one.”


Hungry anglers may enjoy eating their catch the best. Some fishermen hate eating fish but have an appetite for bragging. A few guys I knew loved full coolers but could care less after the picture. Some anglers enjoy the gear and equipment.

Fishermen that rarely catch anything simply enjoy the experience and environment. Trophy hunters crave wall hangers. Taxidermy often means $20 an inch for wall art. 

Another one of my favorite Fishing stages is when you teach someone else how to catch a fish. Watching them go through the Fish Catching experience for the first time is priceless.

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