MOOSE ON THE LOOSE!!! by Grant Soukup
By angelamontana

Posted: March 29, 2024

Moose go where they want, when they want, and how they want. A bull in a China shop could refer to a Bull Moose. When you are over 1,000 pounds, you can get away with a lot!

The other day a Shiras bull moose was seen strolling down Idaho Street in Belgrade, MT. This community is less than 100 yards from the interstate. Most homes have high fenced yards. Bozeman Airport is close by. 

On this day, Bullwinkle decided to take a Saturday stroll through town. Neighborhood Ring Tones were going wild. The picture in this article is in front of my sons Kyle’s house. My guess is that he came out of the Bridger Mountains and followed the greenways. Eventually he became corned in Belgrade. 

Moose can be a dangerous animal. Their long, gangling legs and hooves, the size of trash cans can do some damage. Heck, they need to fight off mountain lions, wolves, bears, and other big bulls.  You can tell if the moose is a Bull by the beard. Moose shed antlers and their future racks are just beginning to grow back. Once the season becomes more moderate and food more abundant, antlers can grow 1 ½ inches a day. 

Hunters compete to get Moose tags. I have applied for a moose tag and some special elk tags for decades without any luck. I have helped others fill their tags. My friend Kirk Stovall tagged the 5th biggest Bull ever tagged in Montana. We worked together to hunt and deal with this monster bull. Hunting is carefully managed to keep the moose population healthy and happy.

If a moose is involved in a car accident, the car usually loses. To prevent this, the Region 3 wardens managed to dart the Bull and transport it back into the mountains. He will probably have a hangover after a Belgrade Saturday Night!

I wonder if the moose” pulled a rabbit out of his hat.”

Montana Grant

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