MT Outdoor Podcast: How to Find the Right Boat for You Matt From Mon-Dak has Answers!
By angelamontana

Posted: March 30, 2024

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host, Downrigger Dale sat down with the owner of Mon-Dak Marine, Mat Cowen. You might recall last year when Matt did this series about “How to Find the Right Boat for You” Matt gave some incredible information that was, well, wizard like! Which is how he got the nickname, the Wizard of the Waterways. We are not sure if Matt really liked the new nickname that Rigger gave him, but it stuck. This year on this installment of, “How to Find the Right Boat for You”, Matt opened up with even more of that knowledge from his wizard like mind and really gave us some fantastic and is what we have come to know is true to who Matt Cowen is, VERY, VERY HONEST. It is information about things you for sure should consider when buying our next watercraft. For example, Matt reinforced what Kent Andersen from Warrior Boats said last week on the podcast about the fact that if a dealer is not interested in giving you a test drive out on the water, then you’re probably at the wrong dealership. Another major topic that Downrigger and Matt covered was the question of what is the right horsepower to choose for the boat that you are leaning towards. Matt has an interesting thought on this topic and is something that you for sure should consider, so be sure and click here and listen carefully. Here’s another great question that the boys talked about, should we buy an aluminum boat or a fiberglass boat? Matt gives some real interesting questions you should ask yourself to help you find your answer to that question. Yet another big question that often comes up when we are looking for a boat is, what brand of motor should be on the back of your new boat. Matt talked about some of the top brands like Yamaha, Mercury, and Suzuki, so which brand does Matt prefer? You’ll have to listen to this week’s Montana Outdoor Podcast to find that out! What about the benefits of owning a jet boat versus a prop boat? Well, there’s lots to consider there too and Matt brought up some that you may have never considered. Speaking of things to consider, a big one that a lot of folks forget about when choosing the right boat for them is what are you going to do with the boat in the future, for example with all the new technology that continues to come out every year, are you planning for that? Will there be enough spaces on your new boat to add batteries to power all that new technology? Yet another reason to listen to this week’s podcast! Yup that’s the Wizard of the Waterways for ya, he is even helping you with things that will come up in the future that will save you a ton of money! All in all, when you listen to this podcast you just might find that you will want to make Matt Cowen YOUR Wizard of the Waterways to help you find the boat that is right for you now AND in the future!

IMPORTANT: Don’t miss Matt here on the Montana Outdoor Podcast coming soon when he goes through the latest boat tech. Boy is there some incredible tech that can do some awesome stuff and even help you not only catch more fish, but catch bigger fish, AND even help you figure out what species of fish are below you and what they are biting on!!!

If you would like to learn more about Matt Cowen and Mon-Dak Marine click here. If you would like to learn more about the boats that are in stock right now at Mon-Dak Marine just click here! If you would like to ask Matt any questions about Caymas, Crestliner, or Warrior boats or want him to help you find a used boat that is right for you just click here to email Matt Cowen. As usual, your buddy, Downrigger Dale would love to hear from you with any suggestions you might have for topics for future podcasts, as well as your thoughts about this podcast, just click here to email Downrigger Dale.

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